👉Teamwork – the essential factor for success

If asked: “What factors determine the success of a startup?”

The common answer will be the practical experience, industry knowledge, or a creative business idea, …

The above factors are true, but still not an indispensable factor to make the success of a startup. There are the start-ups with strong finance and extensive practical experience but struggling to fail, even go bankrupt.. The reason is that the founding members do not have a good understanding of each other when working together. Startups often forget that the indispensable and mandatory element if the startup wants to succeed is teamwork.

So how to achieve high efficiency when teamwork in startup?

👉An excellent team will have both hard skills and soft skills

One common thing all great teams have is the balance between their team members’ experience (hard skills) and passion and vision (soft skills). This balance sounds easy to achieve, but actually achieving it in practice is very difficult. If team members are extremely smart and experienced but they don’t want to share this knowledge, their knowledge will be useless to the business. Similar to the above, if the difference between vision and passion among team members is too large, it will also lead to poor team performance.

👉 A successful founding team must be diverse.

Unlike established companies – team members will focus on specific expertise or a team large enough to cover all roles with different specific positions, in startups, members of the founding team have to take on different backgrounds, roles and responsibilities.

With the diversity of members on the founding team, it can be difficult to arrange and ensure seamless coordination between the parties. Bringing these members together requires a focus on communication. The team must feel comfortable with openness and honesty, and be able to ask questions without fear of criticism. In addition, open discussions and group bonding activities will help team members share the same vision when discussing the company. In addition, team members must be able to cope with the stress of uncertainty, heavy workloads, and frequent changes in goals and schedules. They are forced to grow during difficult times and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

👉Everything is geared towards a common goal

In a startup, founding team members can not only focus on their own specialties, but they also have to be willing to give up their comfort zone for the good of the company. Therefore, a successful team should always have dedicated and passionate members who support each other and believe in a unified vision and are willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

A successful startup team must be a supportive, collaborative unit that brings diversity to the company without sacrificing group cohesion. Everyone has to do their part and support each other and work towards a common goal.

👉Resolve conflicts before affecting the whole group.

When you’re working in a startup environment – potentially spending all day in a small, open office where privacy is limited – it’s hard to sort out any issues that might arise. If tension is happening between the two of you, chances are that others will unwittingly be drawn in or at least feel the effects of the negative energy.

So mitigating risks and solving problems quickly and openly is essential to keeping the team comfortable, happy and productive. Conflict is inevitable when working, but building a team that works well and appreciates each other will reduce the time it takes to resolve internal conflicts.


Every startup team member is an essential ingredient to success, and if they don’t work well together, the future of the team and the company can be grim. Startups must not only find a way to build an intelligent and competent team, but also bring these disparate members together, creating an environment of close-knit collaboration. Team members must be willing to uphold their responsibilities and support each other during good and bad times.

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