open innovation service

      Consulting and Matchmaking are one of the Innovation services Viet Lotus provides to businesses in Vietnam. This service helps connect businesses (problem owners who have problems to solve) and potential solution providers (problem solvers who have solutions that can solve business problems). This service helps:

  • Problem owner: quickly find potential partners who can solve their problems.
  • Problem solvers: an opportunity to expand business activities in Vietnam when participating in Viet Lotus’s ecosystem (including many large enterprises), saving time, costs, and resources in reaching customers in Vietnam row.

Join with us in the project “Improving customer conversion rate”

Improving customer conversion rate is one of the problems that companies are very interested in today, especially in the context of fierce competition in the market. 

Our client is one of the large companies in Vietnam, operating in the field of finance – banking. 

To become a leader in improving customer experience, this company is very interested in solutions that can help understand user behavior, needs, and expectations across their digital channels (digital channels), thereby improving the effectiveness of marketing activities and personalizing the experience. 

In addition, this company wants to identify users’ trends and expectations about them in particular and the financial – banking market in general, thereby helping them adjust product policies and technology policy… appropriately and promptly. 

To help our customers quickly solve the above problem, we are looking for potential solution providers to participate in this project. 

If you have a solution that meets the above requirements, please get in touch with us at before January 3, 2023, for more details. 

We look forward to cooperating with you shortly.